Will You Be My Lovely?


A question to you my long lasted friend
I have been thinking and decided
On bow I want us to be in love
There are only two options to take
Either the exclusive or the open

Dear love, I can’t promise on the exclusive
I’m doubting my faith in myself not to cheat
I know that I’ve taken you for granted
This past two decades of our relationship
And not taken your interests to my heart

Ugali my darling, will you be my lovely
Even though I can’t resist Wheat’s daughters
The ever charming Chapati and Mandazi
Or say NO to Rice’s seduction
Or my neighbor’s Spaghetti?

My Love, you are still the apple of my eye
My source of redemption from hunger
And your unchanging taste of delicacy
Given that tantalizing aroma
But boys will forever be boys;

Dear Love, will you stay by my side
As I stumble and wander and play
Tasting other delicacies
Tell me Ugali my Love, will you be my lovely
While I play the open?

By Mike the Desyn.


Ugali- the product of kneeded maize flour in hot water and stirred to taste. Just like the wheat dough.


Dear Asha

Ever since you left Asha

Life has been boring

No movies, no music, no games

Ever since you left Asha

I have lost my self esteem

My insignificance so conspicuous

Ever since you left Asha

Socializing has been hell

And I had to be dependent again

Ever since you left Nokia

I’ve realized what you  meant to me

And my great love for you

Ever since you left Asha

Daily I have been cursing

The hell-bound that took you away

Ever since you left Asha

Nobody has ever been close

And this book knows so

Ever since you left Asha

My new girl is no fun

Please come back to me darling

The Ballad of Desyn and the Stolen Phone

by Mike Nyunya.


The Last Sadist

I like the dark corners
The creepiness of alleys
The chill of its worst dangers
I love the moans and cries
Than the annoying happy noises
I’d rather dissect a bird or frog
Than play with stuffing
I’m just a normal boy
I love Tokyo Ghoul and Death note
And hate the happy go lark
And being lonely rocks
Of course you will find me creepy
After all, I am the last one
Of the Sadist clan
That you mercilessly murdered
Just to fulfill your selfish wish
Of a socially acceptable flexible people
I am
The last Sadist.